Fired Reading cop will get pension after killing another cop "By mistake"

The Reading police officer who accidentally shot and killed colleague Michael H. Wise II of Myerstown will receive a pension.
Despite the fact that he was fired, James A. Palange, 39, qualifies for the $36,000-a-year pension because he remained on paid suspension for six years while appealing his dismissal, according to a report in the Reading Eagle citing comments made by Reading Mayor Vaughn Spencer and police Chief William Heim.
Palange killed undercover police officer Michael Wise in June 2004 when he came upon a shootout between three undercover police officers and Andrew L. Smith, a suspect wanted in a prior shooting. Thinking he had come upon a gang-related shootout, Palange fired four shots, one of which ricocheted and struck 32-year-old Wise.
Palange was put on paid leave for several months before returning to a desk job with the Reading police. He was eventually fired in 2005, prompting his appeal that dragged on until 2011, the newspaper reported.
Palange was not immediately fired, according to the newspaper's report, because there were fears that it would interfere with the prosecution of Smith and strengthen an expected lawsuit filed by Wise's wife.
Smith was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2005 and sentenced to 13 ½ to 27 years in prison.
Wise's widow, Denise, sued the city in 2006. The suit was settled for $1.75 million, according to the report.