Self -glorification

  We should build a rose garden to the memory of citizens killed by the Fairfax County Police. Don’t chuckle over it. There are enough people in this county willing to finanace and promote the project.
   Just as the Fairfax County cops best bud Gerry (With a G, dearie) Hyland wants to tax our food, the cops decided to a mid-day self-glorification rally on company time. They have that much of our money to spare.  The manufactured event, a memorial service held at the Public Safety Rose Garden located behind police headquarters, was to recognize police officers killed in the line of duty.
  We should recognize police officers who sacrifice their lives for the public good. But in all fairness to the people of Fairfax County, we have done that and done that many times.
   Considering the enormity of police budget, the over gross overhead of assistant/deputy police chiefs, combined with the extremely generous paychecks and golden retirement parachutes we give the Fairfax County police …SHOULD’T THE COPS BE DOING THIS SORT OF THING ON THEIR OWN TIME AND AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE?
    This is to say nothing of issue that the Fairfax County Police spend an inordinate amount of time promoting themselves which is what the parade in the rose garden was about and which leads us to the question that if the cops were forced to put on the display in the rose garden on their own clock instead of ours, would they be conducting these self-serving ceremonies at all?  No, probably not because these sort of high drama gatherings are for the sake of illusion, a means of telling the taxpayer “Don’t look at what we take. Look at what we give”
    But they do take. They take a lot, especially when we factor in that Fairfax County cops, by and large, don’t live in this country which is very generous to them. Their paychecks are spent in Prince William County. The homes they buy are there as well. Their kids take short buses, no doubt, to Louden schools.  
   Yet the enormous overhead cost of redundant and unnecessary staff in the police department comes out of our counties budget. Same with the fat paychecks we give them and lucrative retirement deals they weaseled out of us. Our county pays for it.
    And what is this “Public safety rose garden?”  Why are we paying for this? If the cops want their own garden, they should build one out of their pockets and not ours. And why do they get one at all? Does the County assessor get an apple grove in his honor or garbage collectors a field of lilies?  Enough is enough.