Cop Aims for Dog, Accidentally Shoots Woman

Incoming police chief Barry Rountree was responding to an unrelated 911 call on Wednesday when he saw a boxer walking toward him.  According to Rountree, the dog “appeared to be aggressive”, so he opened fire. The bullet rebounded off the pavement and struck the dog’s owner, Tamara Whitt, who had followed her dog down the street. Whitt says her dog, Lebrone, is “very passive,” and that she can’t believe how callous the officer’s actions were — before and after the shooting.  She claims Rountree backed away after realizing what had happened, pulled out his cellphone and walked across the street. According to Whitt, it was only after his phone conversation was over that he finally offered help for her injuries. The 40-caliber bullet lodged in Whitt’s thigh, where doctors are saying it is too dangerous to remove.