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Gun-safety instructor who shot student also shot girl in 1977
An Ohio firearms instructor who accidentally shot one of his students this month also shot a 14-year-old girl in 1977.
According to the Columbus Dispatch, Terry Dunlap was a Pickerington Police Department auxiliary officer in 1977 when he accidentally shot a then-14-year-old Cathy Hessler in her right leg during a Halloween hayride.
“Oh no, he’s done it again,” Hessler, now Cathy Schmelzer, 50, told the paper after she heard of the latest shooting.  “I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’” she said, according to the Dispatch.
Dunlap, 73, reportedly shot student Michael Piemonte, who was hit by a bullet in his right arm, when Dunlap accidentally fired a .38-caliber handgun during a gun-safety class on Aug. 10. The bullet hit a desk, then ricocheted, hitting Piemonte.
Piemonte, 26, was reportedly treated at a hospital, and released later that night. Doctors have not yet removed the bullet or decided whether they will, Piemonte said, according to the Dispatch.
In the 1977 incident, according to a Dispatch account at the time, Dunlap said he fired his .38-caliber handgun into the air to create, in his words, “a scary effect,” while taking his daughter and her friends for a “haunted hayride.” He said he thought the gun was loaded with blanks.

The hayride shooting was deemed accidental, so no charges were ever filed.

Police Officer Recovering After Accidentally Shooting Self In Leg
A New York City police officer is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the leg in Brooklyn Saturday night.
Officials say he was part of a unit responding to a domestic dispute at a building on Halsey Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant at around 8 p.m.
They say the officer was in a stairwell trying to holster his gun when it discharged.
The bullet hit the officer in the right leg.
"We were all sitting out here having a wonderful time," said one person in the neighborhood. "The block party ended exactly like 8 p.m., and the next thing I know, a bunch of cops and EMS service workers were, you know, began to pursue down the street."
The officer was taken to the hospital. He's expected to be OK.
As far as the initial call, authorities say a man was taken into custody by other officers for allegedly assaulting his mother.

St.. Louis police officer accidentally shoots himself at firing range
(KMOV) – A St. Louis Police Officer is being treated for a gunshot wound after accidentally shooting himself in the foot on Thursday.
According to authorities, the incident occurred during a weapons exercise in the 2100 block of Gasconade.
The officer, a five year veteran of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, was training on-duty with SWAT officers when he accidentally fired a shot that struck him in the left foot.
Authorities said he was transported to an area hospital and is listed in serious/stable condition