Flurry of accidental shootings in Fargo includes NDSU police officer wounded in arm

FARGO – It’s been a bad several weeks for accidental shootings in Fargo, said Police Lt. Joel Vettel.

There have been six such incidents in about the last month, including a case involving an off-duty North Dakota State University police officer who accidentally shot himself in the arm.
Two other shootings also resulted in injuries, in one case a fatal head wound, said Vettel, who added that Fargo police see one to two accidental shootings a month, on average, during the course of a year.

The accidental discharge of a firearm involving an off-duty NDSU police officer happened just before midnight on Sept. 13 in an apartment in the 3500 block of 28th Avenue South.
In that case, a bullet fired from a .40-caliber Glock handgun struck the officer in the arm before lodging in a wall.

The officer has been suspended and is on personal medical leave, according to a written statement released by Ray Boyer, director of NDSU’s police and safety office.