Fairfax County Cops Find another way to intrude on Our Lives.


     The Fairfax County cops are painting a car with distracting sentences and parking it near a busy road to stop drivers from being distracted.

     This leads us to the question…..does it get….could it possibly get..…more white trashy than this?    People, we have got to elect someone to the Board of Supervisors who will take charge the morons at the police department, I mean, my God, what’s next?  Mandatory incest? Regulation flower planters in old tires on our front lawns?
     It’s terrible to pick on the mouth breathers I know, and yes, understandably most cops on the Fairfax County police force probably have an abandoned car on cinderblocks in their drive way in Loudon County so printed cars make sense to them and yes, were in Dixie, but Good Lord, can we at least try to pretend were not? I mean….printed cars?
      I’m going to write this next sentence slowly so as not to confuse the cops:  A car covered in anti-drinking- and-driving sentences will not decrease the vast number of idiots who drive around drunk. They’re too drunk to read the notes side of the car and attention deficit drivers are too busy to read it.  
    The cops say that it’s okay for this idiocy to happen because the printing cost is being covered by Transurban, the people who operate the 495 Express Lanes.     You want stop crime? Arrest those shameless money hungry pricks.
     Start there and work your way up to finding the missing files in the John Geer shooting case then you’ll have the credibility to tell other people about obeying law.  We would rather live with drunk and distracted driver than with a police force that guns down unarmed citizens.