Chief Pearhead Morris says God appeared to him

Chief of the Fairfax County Police Pear head Morris says that God appeared in his living room where he sleeps on the couch....its this whole thing between him and his wife...but anyway, the Chief says, he was laying on the couch in his shorts "do'n in a six pack of Buds " in his trailer home when God showed up and left a message.

"He talked like a ghost" the Chief said "A holy ghost I'm a gussen but like, now I don't know if ya all is familiar with the ghostes-es that are sometimes on The Scooby-Do Show, its a TV program...I sure do love that little fellar....anyway, that's what God sounded like.

  Anyways, Ole God he says "Booooo tell the people of Fairfax County to give the police more money to spend on ray guns and other stuff we needs...yup that's exactly what happened"

Artists rendering of God as he appeared in the Morris living room