Hey! Guess what time it is...

It’s time for ….

Gerry (With a G) Hyland’s

anal…sorry....ANNUAL steam bath with cops!!!!

   Hi Folks, I'm Gerry Hyland. I give away your money and I mostly give it to cops who don't even live here in the county. 

   Sure, the high schools are jammed packed with too many kids and not enough teachers and okay, so we don't have enough roads. 

  That's not important. (to me)

  What's important (to me) is that the cops get  Drones to watch you with, money for their navy and air force and new police stations that are built to suit royalty and replace perfectly fine existing buildings..and let's not forget those retirement packages lined with gold. 

     A new meal tax introduced by me will solve everything.

     To make sure the cops continue to get my support, I am once again having my anal steam bath with cops......

in the end, I'll get my way.