Yet even more drug dealing, thieving cops ............ 19th century policing for the 21st century

Taylor, Michigan: Three police officers have been suspended for their alleged connection to illegal gambling. All three officers have more than 10 years of experience. “We acted very quickly after hearing about it,” the police chief said. “We handled it internally. They were suspended and disciplined.”
Highland Park, Michigan (First reported 01-25-13): A police officer has admitted that he assisted with the protection of what he believed to be a shipment of cocaine in exchange for a $1,000 bribe. The purported smugglers were actually undercover FBI agents. “Police officers who take bribes have no place in law enforcement,” a US attorney said. “They will be prosecuted for violating their duties to serve the public.”
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: A detective has been charged in federal court with obstruction of justice following an FBI investigation that concluded he helped a suspected drug dealer. He has been suspended with pay.
Update: Apollo, Pennsylvania (First reported 07-03-12): The now-former police chief pleaded guilty to three felonies and two lesser charges in court. He was accused of improperly taking and selling guns, ammunition, and other borough property while he was serving as police chief.