Norristown police officer accidentally shoots self in leg at Montgomery County Fire Academy

PLYMOUTH — A Norristown police officer apparently shot himself accidentally in the leg at the indoor firing range late Thursday morning at the Montgomery County Fire Academy.
“We are investigating a report of someone having an accidental, self-inflicted wound,” said Plymouth Deputy Police Chief John Myrsiades. “The gunshot may have grazed his leg and may have entered his calf.”
The accidental shooting occurred at 11:08 a.m.
Norristown Police Sgt. Robert Langdon was airlifted by PennStar helicopter for treatment at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, said Norristown Police Chief Willie Richet.
He was using his own personal off-duty weapon to qualify to carry it off-duty,” Richet said. “He was conscious and alert when they took him out of there.”
Myrsiades said Langdon was training at the indoor firing range with other Norristown police officers.
The Plymouth police department and Montgomery County Detectives will investigate the incident.
We will update this story with more details as they are made available.